Who we are

Central Europe is a land of constant transition. Ravaged by wars, caught in a whirlwind of changing regimes, political and economical systems on the crossroads of Eastern and Western traditions, it is a melting pot of cultures and people. It is in this context that Hungarian literature was nurtured with it’s one-of-a-kind language, brought from beyond the mountains of Central Asia, standing alone amongst the neighboring Slavic, Latin and Germanic countries, but drawing influences and inspiration from all the different cultures it made contact with throughout the centuries.

Some of the brightest stars of contemporary Hungarian literature are already well known around Europe and the world, such as the quizzical, dreadfully funny works of Péter Esterházy, the uncompromising ethical clarity of the novels of the Nobel-laureate Imre Kertész, the majestic sadness of László Krasznahorkai’s long sentences, or the taboo-breaking erotic and political analyses of Péter Nádas – but that’s only the tip of the iceberg, regarding the vast number of fascinating, touching and illuminating books that have been produced in this country in the last fifty years, or are in the making at this very moment.

Sárközy & Co. is a literary agency that invites you to explore and be inspired by this incredible richness of literary adventures. Founded in 2011 by Bence Sárközy, a well-known figure in the international publishing scene and former editor-in-chief of Magvető Kiadó – one of the most prestigious publishing houses of Hungary – our mission is to bring the best of contemporary Hungarian authors to the bookshelves of the world, may they be living classics or aspiring young writers on the brink of literary greatness.


Bence Sárközy | With a degree in Hungarian and Comparative Literature from the University of Szeged, Sárközy has worked 8 years as an editor at Magveto Publishing House between 2003-2011, the last 3 of which he spent there as editor-in-chief, acquiring such authors as R. Carver, T. Pynchon, Cormac McCarthy and César Aira for the company’s list, and representing the foreign rights of major Hungarian writers. An experienced visitor of international book events from Guadalajara to Sydney, he left the company in June 2011 to start his own businesses. He also works as the director of Libri Publishing.


Ádám Halmos | Making his first steps in the book business right after high school, Ádám Halmos worked as editor-in-chief at a small Hungarian publishing house while making his degrees of Croatian Literature and Anthropology at the ELTE University in Budapest. In 2004, he established his own company called Nyitott Konyvmuhely (Open Book Workshop), which quickly became one of the most successful publishers in the country, and was transformed in 2011 into Libri Publishing. Currently he works as director of Libri Publishing.


Eszter Balázs | After finishing her degrees in Hungarian literature, Art Theory and Culture Management at the Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest, she worked as a freelance critic and editor of literary and culture periodicals. She was a literary curator of the Hungarian national Márai-program for propagating literature, and curator of the Bródy Sándor Foundation for Hungarian debut writers (since 2005). She is a program organizer of Literary Stage of the Sziget International Festival. She also works as editor-in-chief of children’s literature at Kolibri Publishing.

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