Zsuzsa Rakovszky


Zsuzsa Rakovszky was born in 1950 in Sopron. One of the most critically acclaimed poets of Hungary and a renowned translator of English literature, she has written three novels, a collection of short stories, and several books of poetry. Her first novel, A kígyó árnyéka (The Shadow of the Snake) was translated into three languages (German / btb, 2005; Dutch / Van Gennep, 2007; Italian / Baldini Castoldi, 2007).
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VS (Novel, Magvető, 2011, 394 pages)

Closely following the historical facts of the life of one of history’s first documented cases of female-to-male transsexualism in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, this gripping novel recounts the unconventional life and loves of Countess Sarolta Vay, who lived as a successful writer under the name of Sándor Vay, seducing several women and consuming two marriages. Taking the reader on a sentimental journey in time, the prison diaries, love letters and autobiography of V.S. are wowen together in this novel into a stunning portrait of a romantic soul. Read more

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