Zoltán Poós


Zoltán Poós was born in 1970 in Battonya. Since 1992 he has published four books of poetry and three novels. He has also written a book of essays on the emblematic objects of the sixties and the seventies, and on the 50-year history of Hungarian pop music. He was the founding editor of the WAN2 pop-cultural magazine and works as a journalist. His play Insults was published in 2010 and won several awards.




BORDERS OF THE HEART (Novel, Kalligram, 2009, 257 pages)
Set during two decisive days twenty years apart – one in 1944, when the Russian troops invade the home town of the protagonist, and he falls in love with a childhood friend at the same time, and one in 1964, when after ten years of marriage, the divorce of the couple is finally declared in communist Hungary – this two-faced novel tells the story of a little country town near the borders of Romania, and the gradual decline of it’s most revered aristocratic family, the Beliczeys.
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DEGREES OF NIGHTFALL (Novel, Kalligram, 2006, 232 pages)
In the peculiar year of 1946 when nothing is decided yet about the fate of war-torn Budapest (will the Russians go away? will they stay for good?), the spoiled and nonchalant olympic gold-medalist Gábor Unden becomes obsessed with an unusually elegant girl on Marguerite Island. The book tells the story of their love while communists, royalists and esoteric good-for-nothings try to determine the fate of the country, forcing Gábor and Sophie into exile in the end. Read more


(Novel, Balassi, 2000, 150 pages)
This novel is a sort of unconventional diary of an ill-fated fiancée who was left by his boyfriend before their planned wedding, and who is now trying to recount the life of the man he loved to finally give this text to him as a wedding present when he will walk the aisle with his new chosen one. Read more

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