Vilmos Csányi

csanyi-portreABOUT THE AUTHOR

Vilmos Csányi is a world-renown biologist, biochemist and ethologist and university teacher, member of the Hungarian Academy of Science. His main field of research is human and animal behavior, and the questions of biological and cultural evolution. He is also the author of numerous literary novels.




Csanyi-Vilmos-A-tokeletesseg-illata-vedoborito-2013-04.inddTHE PERFUME OF PERFECTION (Novel, Libri, 2013, 216 pages) A loving and playful portrait of the exemplary life of one of the most charismatic personalities of 16th-century Spain, Saint Teresa of Ávila who, who, had she taken seriously the thoughts of Saint Paul on the inferiority of women, never could have taught or given speeches, and neither could have formed her own idea of God in her frail and charming way. Read more


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