Péter Tarjányi – Rita Dosek


Péter Tarjányi was born in Budapest, 1969. He started his career in the Police Regiment, which he left for the Special Service of the Police Force in 1991, where he worked in various posts as commander, before heading up the Operations Section and then the Special Section. After his retirement from active service, with a wealth of professional expertise and long experience, he worked for the FBI Academy – National Training Centre on the preparation of several military and police deployments in theaters of war. Since 1999 he has worked in the private sector as executive and owner of IT, financial and real estate consultancy businesses. He has also appeared in the media as an expert on security. In his first book (To see and to strike – orig. Meglátni és megveretni ) Peter Tarjanyi tells through his own stories the last twenty years of the Hungarian Police. After publishing his first book, he decided to write The Balkan’s Angels, based on his own experiences as a SWAT commander. Then he started to work with his co-author, Rita Dosek with whom, they already preparing their third historical fiction book. The writer’s fee from the sales of their books is offered to a Children hospital in Hungary. Read more about the author here: www.tarjanyipeter.com/en

Rita Dosek was born in Budapest, 1978. Having been awarded a grant, she enrolled in the FH Technikum Kantern in Carinthia, Austria, in 1998, and she graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering and Project Manager. After graduation she became an entrepreneur and set up her own business. She worked on various major construction projects in Hungary and abroad. She also participated in numerous military and police training programmes headed by Péter Tarjányi. Writing books is a passion they share and for whose proceeds they donate to help the recovery of ill children.



BALKAN’S ANGELS I-II. (Novels, Lama Plus, 2010-2011, 600 and 656 pages) There was a determined, manful lady, an Advocate-General at the International Court of Justice in The Hague: Carla del Ponte. This woman was not frightened of anything to quest for the mass murderer of the Balkan War. She had been confronting the leaders of the successor states of the former Yugoslavia with their sins for 8 years. She had only partial results but in the end the court and humanity won. But how has it been achieved? Now you can find out. Just think of how easy it is to catch the spirit of a crime fiction or commando novel, but when you finish it, you put it down and feel relaxed because you know the gripping story was only the fantasy of the writer. But now… Here is THE NOVEL in which the Advocate-General in The Hague does not even appear, still her figure is evoked. And it is not possible to read it as fiction only, because it is a true story. At the beginning of the book, however, you are warned that the story somewhat differs from reality, but the European citizens know the truth. It has only been inserted to silence the fussy people and the bureaucrats. So you should just read the story as it is, written by life. The Balkan’s Angels is a hard-core commando novel series. Read more on the two books


TarjanyiDosek.Apapaemb_borito-kicsiTHE POPE’S MEN (Novel, Libri, 2012, 500 pages) Serious secrets hide within the walls of the Church: priests no longer loyal to the cloth, lobby groups vying for position, underworld connections. The Pope’s Men paints a very real portrait of Pope John Paul II’s secret war with the KGB. With tales of conspiracy, recruitment and crimes dating back through the years, the mysterious past of priests employed by Moscow is at last out in the open. This thriller presents a detailed and true depiction of Eastern Europe as the Iron Curtain crumbles, the KGB’s unique method of pulling informers into its web, and the workings of the secret services as they plan a series of strikes that personally involve bishops positioned frighteningly close to the Pope. The recent Vatileaks scandal and the ensuing cover-up only represent a fraction of what actually goes on behind closed doors in Rome. By the end of the book, readers will also know what could possibly lead to a pope resigning his throne. Read more about the book

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