Mátyás Dunajcsik


Mátyás Dunajcsik was born in 1983 in Budapest and graduated in Aesthetics and French studies in 2011. Throughout the years, he worked as a poet, a translator, an interpreter, an organiser of a theatre festival in Cyprus, a blogger, a dramaturge, a freelance critic, a foreign rights correspondent and the moderator of critical panel talks. Currently he works as editor-in-chief of literary fiction at Libri Publishing. His first book, the Flyers’ Handbook was published in 2007 for which he was awarded the Sándor Bródy Prize, for best prose debut. He has participated in a number of international literary projects, such as the Odyssée du Danube (2007), the Junge Akademie programme of the Akademie der Künste of Berlin (2009) on recommendation by Péter Esterházy, or the European Writers’ Parliament in Istanbul (2010). Author website



BALBEC BEACH (Short stories, Libri, 2012, 263 pages) In the thirteen stories of this book, Mátyás Dunajcsik explores questions of art, history, memory, passion and (homo)sexuality in a charming and thought-provoking manner, in the vein of W.G. Sebald, Péter Nádas or Marcel Proust, inviting the reader to a number of European cities such as Venice, Berlin, Bratislava, Vienna, Paris and of course Budapest. Read more

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