Márió Z. Nemes


Márió Z. Nemes was born in 1982 in Ajka. He is a poet and a critic, one of the most important and interesting members of the younger generation of Hungarian poetry. He started publishing around the turn of the millennium, since then his writings have appeared in all leading Hungarian literary reviews and magazines. Márió Z. Nemes has two books published, the first one Alkalmi magyarázatok a húsról (Casual readings of Flesh, Poems) in 2006, and the second one Bauxit (Bauxite, Poems) in 2010. He is member of the Attila József Young Writers’ Association (József Attila Kör, JAK) and the Hungarian PEN Club. With other ten young poets, in 2005 they made a poetry blog on the web called Telep („Settlement”), which quickly became an emblematic reference point regarding the new wave of contemporary Hungarian writing. They finished the blog in 2009 when an anthology of their work was published in the same year. In the beginning of 2009 he won the Móricz Zsigmond Literary Fellowship for his poetry. From 2009 he is a PhD-student on the Doctoral School of Philosophy of the Eötvös Loránd University, his research theme is the relations of philosophical anthropology and aesthetics. He lives in Budapest.




(Poetry collection, JAK-
L’Harmattan, 2006, 59 pages)

(Poetry collection, Palimpszeszt-
Prae.hu, 2010, 88 pages)

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