Gergely Nagy


Photo by András Hajdú.Gergely Nagy was born in 1969 in Budapest. Studied drama history, creative writing, script and play writing at the University of Theatre and Film Studies, graduating in 1992. Worked for several theatres throughout Hungary as well as for the public service television (Magyar Televízió). Since his graduation he writes fiction. He has three books published, two volumes of short stories (Give me a point 1999, Loud! 2003) and a novel (Angst 2007). Currently he is working on a new novel. It’s working title is HILVERSUM, based on stories and events of the author’s ancestors and goes through two centuries in Central-Eastern Europe. Since 1999 he works as a journalist an editor. From his teenage years he has been involved in Budapest’s music scene. Currently he plays the bass for a band named ‘Eat me’.


ANGST (Novel, Ulpius Ház, 2007, 384 pages)
Set in the Budapest of the near future where skyscrapers transform the urban landscape and five metro lines cross under the city, this cyber-punkish tour de force tells the rise and fall of a talented comics writer who after the exorbitant success of his comics series Angst gets stuck in a day-job working for a media emporium, loses friends and loved ones one by one, and even gets involved in the underground world of media anarchism. Read more


LOUD! (Novel, Új Palatinus, 2003, 196 pages)
This rock’n’roll novel tells the story of a young bass guitarist through Budapest’s musical underground in the changing times of 1980-90: his growing awareness of the world beyond Hungary’s borders, and his obsession with western music. Through the fast-paced, short chapters we see him starting a band, finding success, and in the end growing disillusioned, while still fantasizing about Paul Simonon, the bassist of The Clash. Read more



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