Ervin Lázár


Ervin Lázár (1936 – 2006) was a writer and dramatist. His books for children have made him a renowned and much-loved household name, while his novel, The White Tiger (1971), established him as a major writer for adults. (In White Tiger, a huge white tiger casually walks up to the hero of the story and refuses to leave his side, fulfilling every wish of its new master, who thus becomes omnipotent. As the story imperceptively slides into the political arena of Communist Hungary, it poses the question: Given the power to do good, why does man revert, time and again, to aggression instead?) Since 1971, Lázár has also written a number of children’s plays and radio plays. Two anthologies of his stories for adults appeared in 1994 (My Seven Lovers) and 1997 (Little Angel) respectively. His latest book, The Golden Bird of Youth, contains the stories told by an illiterate Gypsy and adapted by the author. Ervin Lázár has been awarded a number of prizes for his works, among them the Andersen Prize and the Hungarian Kossuth Prize.


THE LITTLE TOWN OF MIRACLES (Short stories, Osiris, 1996, 184 pages) A hallucinatory exploration of the life of a little Hungarian village and that part of the soul where beauty, hope, and yearning live in close proximity, and where miracles are a way of life. Read more

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