Dóra Galgóczi


galgoczi-portraitDóra Galgóczi was born in 1974 in Budapest. Before becoming a writer and a journalist and after graduating from the College of Public Administration, she worked at the National Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, then, as an employee of the National Institute for Health Development she was involved in the organization of lifestyle trainings. These years were also accompanied by her attraction to writing, then, in 2009, she completed the training course of the National Association of Hungarian Journalists on magazine journalism. Since then, she has been writing for various print and online magazines as a freelance journalist mostly articles on spiritual life and health promotion.



anorexia-coverANOREXIA – THE JOURNEY (Novel, Szaktudás Kiadó, 2010, 150 pages) A touching and accessible personal account on a young girl’s struggle with anorexia, a disease which is more and more common in our days but still remains a mystery for most of us. Read more


A nő millió arca borítóA WOMAN’S THOUSAND FACES – STORIES ABOUT YOU, STORIES ABOUT HER (Short stories, Szaktudás Kiadó, 2011, 166 pages) Destinies and life-fragments, each brings a different feminine characteristic to life. Smiles and unsettling reversals of fortune follow each other in quick succession on the pages of the book. The alternation of irony, deep feelings and questions worth pondering lend a myriad colors to the bouquet of stories. You may even find yourself in one of them. Read more

Megszülethettél volna előlapA CHANCE TO BE BORN (Novel, Corvina, 2012, 192 pages) Csilla, the heroine of the novel, has toyed with the idea of becoming a mother many times. And yet, the abyss between her wishes and reality widens with time. She shares her wavering emotions about having a child with disarming honesty – feelings that most would-be mothers share with her but are reluctant to admit, even to themselves. Read more
Fiatalságra ítélve borítóBORN TO BE YOUNG (Novel, Corvina, 2013, 224 pages) Like so many women, Angéla, too, would like to stop the passing of time, and she does everything in her power to succeed. Her aim gradually turns into a passion, though, until she is willing to undergo painful procedures and grueling exercise routines to achieve her aim. But meanwhile, something is lost in her… Read more


Felpróbált életek könyvborítóTRIED ON LIVES (Novel, Corvina, 2012, 176 pages) Anna, the young, openhearted teacher often dreams about a chance to live a different life. Her persistent self-confidence makes her feel that she’s confined, once and for all, to the shady side of life. Then suddenly one summer, her wish comes true, and she is given a chance to try on various new feminine roles. Read more


ferfiak-felalombanMEN IN A DAZE (A novel in stories, Corvina, 2014, 222 pages) Thirteen lives, a single night over the Atlantic. A passenger plane heading for Brasilia is flying across the ocean during the night, carrying on board the secrets of thirteen men. The separate stories form themselves into a mosaic; we could regard them as short stories, except now and again the threads intertwine, past and present touch each other’s borders. Read more

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