boldizsarildiko200X300pxIldikó Boldizsár was born in Dunaújváros, Hungary. Between 1987 and 1993 she was a research fellow at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, doing research on fairy tales. She recieved her doctorate in folklore in 1999. She worked for more than twenty years as an editor, including being editor-in-chief at Magvető Publishing House (2003-2008), where she published seven fairy-tale anthologies of her own. In the meantime she developed Metamorphoses Therapy Method, and afterwards wrote four books on her research findings. She is the founder and owner of Metamorphoses Therapy Centre in Hungary, and currently working as a therapist and writer. More on the author

00spaceGyörgy Spirtn_200x400_37ó (born April 4, 1946 in Budapest) is a dramatist, novelist and essayist who has emerged as one of post-war Hungary’s most prominent literary figures. His plays have won numerous awards, including several for best Hungarian drama of the year. A few of them are available in English translation. The best known one is Chickenhead (1986), an earthy and bitter drama of a young delinquent’s disillusionment at the longed-for reunion with his drunken father. He published in 2005 an 800 page novel, Fogság (Captivity). Set in the Roman Empire in the time of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, it follows the experiences of a Jewish wanderer named Uri. His previous novel is the hugely successful Tavaszi tárlat (Spring Exhibition, 2010), describing the early days of the Kádár regime.


Photo by András Hajdú.Gergely Nagy was born in 1969 in Budapest. Studied drama history, creative writing, script and play writing at the University of Theatre and Film Studies, graduating in 1992. Worked for several theatres throughout Hungary as well as for the public service television (Magyar Televízió). Since his graduation he writes fiction. He has three books published, two volumes of short stories (Give me a point 1999, Loud! 2003) and a novel (Angst 2007). Since 1999 he works as a journalist an editor. From his teenage years he has been involved in Budapest’s music scene. Currently he plays the bass for a band named ‘Eat me’. More on the author


János Térey was born in Debrecen in 1970, and graduated in Hungarian Literature and Linguistics from Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest in 1996. In 1997–98 he worked as editor for Cosmopolitan, ever since he has been a freelance writer. He has twelve volumes to date, most of them poetry, with one volume of fiction and, lately, several verse novels and dramatic poems. Térey is arguably the most prolific and dynamic creative artist in Hungarian literature today. His energy and drive have repeatedly proved able to bring up to date and breathe new life into poetic genres that were forgotten and believed dead. More on the author


Zsuzsa Rakovszky was born in 1950 in Sopron. One of the most critically acclaimed poets of Hungary and a renowned translator of English literature, she has written three novels, a collection of short stories, and several books of poetry. Her first novel, A kígyó árnyéka (The Shadow of the Snake) was translated into three languages (German / btb, 2005; Dutch / Van Gennep, 2007; Italian / Baldini Castoldi, 2007). More on the author


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