Senko Karuza (HR)
Short stories (Naklada MD-Profil), 2005-2010, cca. 250p.

„At night, before we go to sleep, we pray to God that no one in Europe get the idea to ask for some kind of licence to ride a donkey.”

RIGHTS SOLD TO: Poland (Czytelnik), Hungary (Libri)


What is it like to live all year round on a small Adriatic island where most people only go for vacations? To not only experience the hustle and bustle of the summer, but also the quiet desperation of winter when the streets are bare, the wind blows with a maddening stubbornness, and you feel like you’re cut off from the rest of the world? Is living there the epitome of isolation and boredom, or on the contrary, a Paradise on Earth that you would never exchange to anything else on the mainland?

The Croatian writer and innkeeper Senko Karuza is a legendary figure of the isle of Vis, in the Dalmatian archipelago: while being an excellent host and cook when working at his restaurant in a quiet bay by the sea, he is also a faithful chronicler of life on the islands, and a philosopher pondering upon the meaning of life, community, family, modernisation and the relationship of man and landscape. He does not only tell all the funny stories of inexperienced tourists running around the island in high season, but also the absurd and tragic aspects of European regulations and laws that perturbed the century-old habits and ways of living of the islanders.

Combining the philosophical depths of Claudio Magris’s „landscape-novels” The Danube and Microcosms with the quirky and entertaining tone of Peter Mayle’s Provence-series with a touch of Central-European absurd in the vein of Bohumil Hrabal, the result is a heartwarming and thought-provoking read, giving what only the best vacations can: the feeling that by the end of the book, you have become an islander yourself.



Senko Karuza was born in 1957 in Split. After being raised on the island of Vis (Dalmatia), he graduated at the University of Zagreb. He is the founder of the NGO called „Mobile and Multimedial Research Centre of Surviving on Small and Remote Islands”, which organises the MareMare art festival every year on the island of Vis. Read more on the author

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