Born to be Young

Fiatalságra ítélve borítóDóra Galgóczi
Novel (Corvina), 2013, 224 pages

The eternal race against time. How good it would be to stop it! Like so many women, Angéla, too, would like to do so, and she does everything in her power to succeed. Her aim gradually turns into a passion, though, until she is willing to undergo painful procedures and grueling exercise routines to achieve her aim. She takes special vitamins and keeps to a strict diet in order to say no to the passing of time.

She desperately wants to reduce the signs of age on her appearance. However, she is not motivated by vanity; she is not after new conquests. Ever since her younger years, she has wanted to stand out from the sea of similar faces to prove that she is better than her fellows. By her mother’s side, a much-admired, domineering actress, Angéla feels like a gray mouse. She needs to prove to the world that she will never be one of the crowd. Her solution is to preserve her youth, but in the meanwhile she doesn’t notice that she has turned her back on real human relationships. Her insistence on keeping her figure and undergoing more and more plastic surgery bring more and more pain with it, while her strict diet poses a real challenge to her willpower. The profession she has chosen for herself is also related to her quest. As a cosmetician, she want to find the secret of ageless beauty. When she thinks that one of her guests is more attractive than herself, she feels extremely jealous.

Before we conclude that Angéla is a self-centered, conceited woman without respect for others, however, we are shown the vulnerable side of her personality. She is desperately looking for the Angéla whom she could be proud of when she looks into the mirror. She decides that she will not live for herself alone but will share the key to eternal youth with others. She starts a business selling health products, and is happy to see that her customers are grateful and satisfied. But even so she can’t relax; she continues to be afraid of the signs of ageing. This never ending battle finally takes its toll on her marriage as well. Her husband, Miklós, gets fed up with the life style she forces on him; he feels that their apartment is no longer a home but a survival camp.

Can their relationship be saved and can Angéla find the woman inside her she has been looking for all along? Then thanks to a chance meeting, she realizes that true value is not bound either to the calendar, or to her mirror. Perhaps it is not too late to find the way back to her authentic self as well, as those who mean the most to her.




galgoczi-portraitABOUT THE AUTHOR

Dóra Galgóczi was born in 1974 in Budapest. Before her literary activities, after graduating from the College of Public Administration, she worked at the National Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, then, as an employee of the National Institute for Health Development she was involved in the organization of lifestyle trainings. She is the author of several popular novels and a collection of short stories about women. More on the author


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