Blood Trilogy

Szabolcs Benedek

The first-ever authentic vampire story from the place
where the legend comes from: Hungary

The new vampire trilogy of Szabolcs Benedek invites the reader to a riveting trip to Budapest and the environs of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy at the turn of the century. Spanning from 1910 to 1918, the three parts can also be read individually, but it is together that they draw up the complete story. The main protagonist of the novel is the Count of Saint-Germain, a historical figure who claimed to have lived through the whole of European history and also claimed to be the descendant of a Transylvanian Prince. It is with him that the other protagonist, the mortal Titus Szállási becomes friends in Budapest, revealing together a series of brutal murders and even trying to track down the father of all vampires, Drakula in Transylvania…

Although Hungary and Transylvania is often associated with vampires and other mythical creatures, this is the first time that a Hungarian author endeavours the great task of telling a vampire saga. While introducing the reader to the flourishing social and artistic life of fin-de-siècle Budapest and it’s region, these novels also show the downside of it’s society through the detailed picture they draw of prostitution and the povery of the working class at the time. And although the author fully respects the rules of this very special genre, that doesn’t keep him from making a few jokes about the immense literary tradition that these blood-sucking monsters inspired throughout the centuries…

I. THE BLOOD COUNT (Novel, Libri, 2012, 480 pages) In 1910, a myterious killer is on the loose in Budapest, brutally killing prostitutes all around the city. Meanwhile, a peculiar stranger arrives to Hungary: the Count of Saint-Germain who claims to have lived through thousands of years, and nobody has seen him eating or sleeping…


II. THE BLOOD COUNTESS (Novel, Libri, 2012 fall, cca. 500 pages) In 1916, Romanians invade Transylvania, then the part of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Titus Szállási arrives to the front lines as the correspondent of a Hungarian newspaper, but also hopes to meet again with his long-time friend the Count of Saint-Germain, who travelled here to track down the father of all vampires, Count Drakula.


III. THE BLOOD MARTYR (Novel, Libri, 2013 spring, cca. 500 pages) It is 1918: the First World War is over. Drakula and his new love Etelka are roaming the towns and cities of Hungary, leaving more and more corpses, but also newborn vampires whom they infected. Meanwhile the immortal servant of Saint-Germain, Mihály finally finds out a secret that would change his and his master’s fate forever.

Rights are only available for the three parts together.



.Download an English excerpt from the first review



Szabolcs Benedek was born in 1973 in Budapest, and studied to be a politologist. He began publishing reviews and short stories in 1994. He is the first Hungarian translator of the novel The Vampyre by John Polidori, which was published in 2003. Later in 2005 he published the Hungarian translation of the Dream Journals by Emmanuel Swedenborg. He lives in Budapest with his two daughters. Read more on the author

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