A Woman’s Thousand Faces

A nő millió arca borítóDóra Galgóczi
Short stories (Szaktudás Kiadó), 2011, 166 pages

Destinies and life-fragments, each brings a different feminine characteristic to life. You may even find yourself in one of the stories of this volume.

It is a mystery why women are so difficult to understand. From their tender years to their golden years, they never fail to surprise us. They are fragile and they are tough as iron. They are hesitant and they are resolute. They are naïve and wise, honest and mysterious. Whether in prim suits or sexy shorts, blue jeans or pajamas, they show us their thousand faces day after day.

As you read these stories, you will get a glimpse into the secret thoughts and feelings that women keep hidden even from themselves. How do they ride the waves of their teenage emotional roller coaster ride, how can they tell when love is real, how do they find their balance on the see-saw of family and career? The problems of the older generation also give us pause – their most basic fears, such as their fear of feeling superfluous in the world.

Vera, plagued by a lack of self-confidence, Zsófia, the self-sacrificing nurse, Stefi, who is suffering from a string of unsuccessful diets hold a mirror up to us, and so does the abandoned grandmother and Malvin, who in her sixties rediscovers the pleasures of life. Each one is a unique human being, yet their lives intertwine with yours on many points. Smiles and unsettling reversals of fortune follow each other in quick succession on the pages of the book. The alternation of irony, deep feelings and questions worth pondering lend a myriad colors to the bouquet of stories. In them, you will recognize yourself – or Her? This is what we are like, this is what they are like: Women.




galgoczi-portraitABOUT THE AUTHOR

Dóra Galgóczi was born in 1974 in Budapest. Before her literary activities, after graduating from the College of Public Administration, she worked at the National Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, then, as an employee of the National Institute for Health Development she was involved in the organization of lifestyle trainings. She is the author of several popular novels and a collection of short stories about women. More on the author

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