Congratulations to Dóra Károlyi, Angel of Translators!

Dóra Károlyi, director of the Hungarian Book Foundation (now working under a new name in cadre of the Petofi Museum of Literature) will be awarded the Angel of Translators Prize on the 5th of March in Amsterdam.

The Literary Translators Workgroup of the Dutch Literary Association (Vereniging van Letterkundigen, Werkgroep Literair Vertalers), together with the SLAA foundation (Stichting Literaire Activiteiten Amsterdam, the Amsterdam Literary Programme Foundation) has been awarding this prize for five years now to the person – not necessarily a translator – or institute which helped the cause of literary translation and translators in an outstanding way.

Since the beginning of the Hungarian Book Foundation’s activity, Dóra Károlyi has helped the publication of nearly 900 titles of 300 authors in 46 languages, including many authors that we’ve been representing internationally throughout the years. Without her work, our work would have been much harder – and without her work, many of the world’s bookshelves would be missing some incredibly wonderful books by Hungarian authors.

Original article in Hungarian. Photo by Petra Szőcs /

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