Ildikó Boldizsár: Cinderella’s Facebook Profile


“The tales contain everything – all the things that exist, have ever existed or could have existed.„

Ildikó Boldizsár is one of the best-known and best-selling non-fiction and children’s books authors. Her book entitled Story Therapy was published 10 years ago and about 50.000 copies were sold of it. She regularly has performances and storytelling events all over the world, more than 100 times a year. These occasions and her therapeutic sessions and trainings are very popular with thousands of hearers,participants and patients.

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András Forgách: No Live Files Remain


A son’s investigation of his mother’s past that brings up incurable pains, nightmarish lies and undestroyable love.


The news came like a bomb. In the autumn of 2015, András Forgách published his most recent literary work in which he presents a troubling personal story. Challenging the border between fact and  ction, the author tells the story of how, almost thirty years after the fall of communism in Hungary, he found out that his mother, whom he deeply loved, had been an informant for the Kádár regime and had informed not only on acquaintances, but also on relatives, family friends and even her children.

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French rights to Diavolina by György Spiró have been sold to Actes Sud


Published by Magvető Kiadó, 2015; 208pp

Diavolina, the maid who rose to be a physician, worked as a servant for Maxim Gorky, his wives, lovers, and the crowds of guests who constantly swarmed around the world-famous Russian author. She then became his nurse and his last love. In his latest novel, Hungarian author György Spiró conjures the world of Czarist Russia in its last years and the Soviet Union in its first from the perspective of this shrewd and discerning woman, including the disturbing parallels between the new autocracy and the old: revolutions, intrigues and, more than anything else, untold numbers of dead.

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Congratulations to Dóra Károlyi, Angel of Translators!

Dóra Károlyi, director of the Hungarian Book Foundation (now working under a new name in cadre of the Petofi Museum of Literature) will be awarded the Angel of Translators Prize on the 5th of March in Amsterdam.

The Literary Translators Workgroup of the Dutch Literary Association (Vereniging van Letterkundigen, Werkgroep Literair Vertalers), together with the SLAA foundation (Stichting Literaire Activiteiten Amsterdam, the Amsterdam Literary Programme Foundation) has been awarding this prize for five years now to the person – not necessarily a translator – or institute which helped the cause of literary translation and translators in an outstanding way.

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Rights Guide Frankfurt 2011

In the last days before the Frankfurt Book Fair 2011, the very first Rights Guide of the Sárközy & Co. Agency was born! Read author bios, synopsises and press excerpts on our authors Zsuzsa Rakovszky, Sándor Zsigmond Papp, Dávid Barna, Gergely Nagy, Endre Kukorelly, István Kerékgyártó, János Térey, László András, Béla Ernyey, Levente Király, Gábor Lanczkor, Ildikó Lovas, András Maros and Zoltán Poós, and send us your enquiries!


A word from Scott Esposito

Asking yourself why should you be interested in reading and publishing contemporary Hungarian literature? Here is a wonderful quote from Scott Esposito, American critic, writer and editor of Conversational Reading, that might be of some help:

Believing in the importance of translated literature is kind of like believing in the importance of the differences between cultures. What would be the point of encouraging people to read books from all over the world, after all, if we all wrote in more or less the same way?

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